Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Faisalabad College of Law strives to emerge out as distinctive and world class school of law to impart quality education and patronize research activities as in the discipline of law. Its emergence as a seat of excellence by covering many mile stones is a testimony of our claim which is matchless and unsurmountable by other law college working in affiliation with the University of the Punjab. We do acknowledge that equity, rule of law and natural justice ought to be taught to every individual of a country where wild justice and tribal instinct rule supreme. People lack legal sense and feel pride in their manhood. The visionary Board of Directors has resolved to mitigate the prevailing state of affairs by making the people conscious of their legal identity and imparting education of Law. Our share appears to be not sizable in numbers but the magnitude of services rendered by this historic institution are worth written in gold. Board of directors absolves to make it a glorious institution and stands as one voice on it. seeing is believing, feeling is enjoying; knowing is transforming.

Mission Statement

Faisalabad College of Law’s mission is to provide quality education to the youth of the country in the most challenging discipline of knowledge through competent and proficient faculty, modern equipment, a highly conducive learning environment and resultantly to prepare the students in the substance and practice of law. Our pedagogy combines the conceptual law and its application through innovative classroom lecture methods. We are committed to enhance the potential of the students, faculty, staff and all segments of the society by bringing a positive change in their personal lives and careers, motivating them for self enlightenment through quality education and personality development. At Faisalabad College of Law, we put maximum emphasis on a versatile legal education in order to make our graduates eminent lawyers, prolific academicians to serve the field of law at their best.

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