College Rules

College Rules & Regulations

  1.   Students shall be bound by all such rules and orders as may be issued by the competent authority.
  2.   Each student will receive his identity card which must be shown whenever asked for by any member of the Law College Staff.
  3.   No notice of any kind will be pasted or hand-bills distributed in the College premises without the express permission of the Principal. 
  4.   Selection of Captains, Presidents, Secretaries, and other office-bearers of clubs and societies shall be made by the Principal unless otherwise provided. 
  5.   No statement shall be made or propagated repugnant to Islam & against sovereignty, integrity and security of Pakistan. 
  6.   College strongly advocates maintaining a smoke-free environment therefore; smoking in the classroom, corridors, library, canteen or anywhere at campus and examination hall is strictly prohibited.
  7.   No student shall make or associate with any Organization/ Society/Club, or any other body, promoting religious parochial/linguistic/regional discriminations. Moreover, no student shall abet, incite, facilitate or participate in a walkout strike or any other form of agitation which might create or is likely to create law and order problem in the vicinity or disturb peaceful environment of the college. 
  8.  Students shall not be allowed to organize, or hold any function within the premises of College without prior approval of the competent authority and also cannot collect money or receive any financial aid without lawful authority. 
  9.  The usage of cell phone is strictly prohibited during class lectures and even at college campus during class timings. Any kind of recording both audio and video is strictly prohibited.
  10.  Students shall not create any disturbance, nuisances on loiter about during class timings.
  11.  Students are required to observe college timings. Any student who comes late shall be marked absent for the purposes of relevant class.
  12.  No leave shall be allowed without prior application and a fine of Rs 100 per lecture and a fine of Rs. 500 per day shall be charged for absence without prior leave.
  13.  No student shall indulge himself/herself in any indecent activity involving moral turpitude and other repulsive deeds.
  14.  In case of violation of the Rules the disciplinary action shall be taken by the Principal in accordance with College and University regulations.

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